Consumer Warning - Attorney David Steinfeld

Do Not Hire Palm Beach Gardens Attorney David Steinfeld under any circumstance for any legal matter.

David Steinfeld is crazy and he is a nut.

Fact = Clown lawyer David Steinfeld billed me for a service I did not request, authorize, or approve.

Do Not Hire Palm Beach Gardens Attorney David Steinfeld

I cannot imagine what part of my request to set aside 15 minutes for a telephone consult about interlocutory appeals gives scumbucket David Steinfeld the right to bill me for a rambling e-mail about judicial immunity and punitive damages!!

On what f***ing planet is attorney David Steinfeld living????

I got billed on 2/15/23 (when I was sound-asleep at freaking 9:06 at night!!) for $459 for an e-mail about judicial immunity and punitive damages that I did not request!

Who in the world does crazy lawyer David Steinfeld think he is?

Palm Beach Gardens Florida Attorney David Steinfeld

Do not under any circumstance give attorney David Steinfeld your credit card number!!!

Crazy David Steinfeld is a 1-man shop who calls himself a law firm. No‑integrity David Steinfeld should quit the law today! He is a complete motherf*cker!!!

Important Consumer Warning About Crazy Lawyer David Steinfeld - FBN: 109517

Greedy, sleazy, scummy, douchebag attorney David Steinfeld of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., is a total loon!!!

David Steinfeld

There are good lawyers and then there are bad lawyers and then there's 10 million miles of horse-crap and then there's Palm Beach Gardens attorney David Steinfeld.

Run as far and as fast as you possibly can from Palm Beach Gardens attorney David Steinfeld:

David Steinfeld

Law Office of Greedy Bastard David Steinfeld, P.L.
3801 PGA Blvd
Ste 600
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-2756
Office: 561-316-7905
Cell: 561-827-2151
Fax: 561-828-7637

I asked for one service from Palm Beach Gardens attorney David Steinfeld and then received/got billed for a different one without my authorization!!!

Really classy way to run a business!!!

David Steinfeld, Esq.

Whatever you do, do not hire this rotten, evil, horrible disgrace of a lawyer!

David Steinfeld is crazy and he is a nut. Make no mistake about that.

Attorney David Steinfeld would not stop inundating me to help his business with online reviews!!! Totally pathetic!!!

The service manager at Porsche always beseiges me to write reviews after he performs maintenance on my cars. Same for the Maître d' at Morton's. Not!!!!!!

David Steinfeld Stinks

Lawyer David Steinfeld is a desperate, pathetic piece of garbage who is going straight to hell.

Here is the near-verbatim review of Palm Beach Gardens attorney David Steinfeld that I just uploaded to another website. I am offering $4,590 to anyone who can produce 1 single piece of evidence that proves anything that appears below is untrue. Plus another $4,590 to that person's charity of choice.

"My experience with Mr Steinfeld will forever remind me to always trust my instincts in the business world. I got a terrible feeling about Mr. Steinfeld which I ignored and now I'm paying the price to the tune of a $459 charge that I did not authorize, and which Mr. Steinfeld refuses to return. I had a good phone consultation with Mr. Steinfeld at first during which he provided me with advice on deposing a witness and then using the depo transcript at trial and in an MSJ. Then I got my first bad feeling. After just that one 30-minute interaction, I was hit with a request, on 12/3/22, to write glowing reviews of Mr. Steinfeld on 5 different websites like this one. I declined because it made me uncomfortable and I found his request to be needy, uncouth, and unprofessional. He charges me $450 an hour then wants me to take time out of my day to help promote his business? I would never ask a client to do anything like that. It's amateur. Three weeks go by and I have not written any reviews so he has the cojones to follow up with me to ask me again, on 12/24/22, to help promote his business (without any compensation to me) by writing reviews! Against my better judgment, I do it and I write two reviews. I figure it would keep him happy, end his begging, and would be good karma. Boy was I wrong. It also gave me a bad feeling that Mr. Steinfeld would penny-pinch and start to add $9 to every $450 hourly charge for future phone consults for the expense VISA takes from him. I mean, really? You can't live a life of exorbitent excess on $441 an hour? Most people in the world don't take home $441 per week! I hope that extra $9 makes Mr. Steinfeld feel important. Then Mr. Steinfeld gave me horrible legal advice, which I was a fool for following. He said that nominal damages are the "only" awards available to defamation per se plaintiffs when in fact the case law he cited (Lawnwood v. Sadow) mentions defamation per se plaintiffs must receive "at least" nominal damages. Based on that wrong info, I filed a Motion To Amend my complaint to add a claim for punitive damages, which was denied and which, I believe, gave the defendant the confidence not to negotiate at our required mediation, which, looking back, would have been a great resolution to my case. Then, the real problem came with Mr. Steinfeld. On Wednesday, 2/15/23, I asked if he could set aside 15 mins for a telephone consult so I could ask him about the process of interlocutory appeals. His reply was shocking and I should have fired him on the spot. "It'll take more than 15 minutes though so I'll run your card for an hours worth of time." You'll run my card for an hour? Seriously? How do you know what my questions are? Again, my fault for not trusting my instincts. But his fault 100 percent for what happens next. We did not settle on a time on Wednesday for the call so I go home to sleep. Next morning, I wake up and find a long rambling e-mail from Mr. Steinfeld about all sorts of topics unrelated to interlocutory appeals, to which I immediately say, "Thanks but that was entirely unnecessary." I was totally deflated because I knew he sent the e-mail just to whack me for $459, which of course, he did. The consult never took place because I had a sick sick feeling in my stomach about Mr. Steinfeld. Weeks go by and Mr. Steinfeld never refunded my money. I figured no one can be so juvenile and corrupt to do this to me but he did. When I finally asked Mr. Steinfeld to refund my money, he replied, "I performed a service for you" even though it was a service I did not ask for, authorize, or approve. So be warned about Mr. Steinfeld. I think he is greedy and lacks any sense of right and wrong. I would never keep a client's money in such a situation. Shame on Mr. Steinfeld. E-mail me for any additional information about Mr. Steinfeld or contact the Florida Bar as I filed a formal complaint pertaining to this unauthorized $459 charge. I think a police report is in order, too, but I have a hunch the cops will tell me it's civil theft and not for them to prosecute."

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